Jump In!

Have you ever found yourself at a new stage in life — a transitional stage — where you have moved past one phase and are looking at the options ahead of you? You have ideas of where you would like to go but are not entirely sure how to get there. So you cross your fingers and jump right in! That is where I am.

Last year, I graduated college with an AA in Film and Video Production. At present I am striving to build a career in film as a Grip and establish a photography business on the side. Although there still seems to be a common perception of “starving artist” today, it seems that freelancing is becoming more and more common — especially for my generation. Both the film and photography industries, it seems, are hard to get into so I would like to document and share my perspective along the way. Whether you are a casual reader who enjoys the voyeurism of a “peek behind the curtain” or another blooming artist who needs the encouragement of another they can relate to, I welcome you and hope you enjoy my posts!


7 thoughts on “Jump In!

  1. Yes, yes, meee! I’m always on the look-out for inspiration! I wish you all the best on your journey to becoming a freenlance artist. You know, it’s tough but completely possible!

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