Trade off

Film is like any industry – filled with give and take. You give up plans to get days on a last minute call for work, uproot yourself/your family to take a better position in a new place or perhaps accept a slightly lower position somewhere because it has better policies or more optional for upward… Continue reading Trade off

Let’s Roll!

“Let’s Roll!” Are you talking about driving or filming?… In this case: both! You’ve gotta figure though, if you work on a show about cars there’s bound to be some time on the road sooner or later. Normally, I don’t like to post about going on trips until after the fact —  and I especially… Continue reading Let’s Roll!

A new pair of clodd hoppers

Everyone who works on their feet knows how important it is to have the right shoes. Something comfortable, possibly with added incerts, and matching any specific job requirements (such as black, close toed, or dressy etc). Everyone who works on their feet also know that those shoes tend to wear out faster than they’d like…… Continue reading A new pair of clodd hoppers