Choosing A Photographer (the basics)

With such a saturated market these days, it’s hard to know who to hire to take your pictures. Do you go with the cheapest? Do you go with the person you know? Do you go with the one your friend recommended without looking at any other options? Those can be compelling factors in your search,… Continue reading Choosing A Photographer (the basics)

How To Relax In Front Of The Camera

Often times photographers blog about various techniques and technical aspects of the trade. While I enjoy sharing info and learning from other’s insight, not everyone reading photography blogs is interested in that. Some people are more interested in materials written for the person who’s found themselves in front of the camera. If the latter is… Continue reading How To Relax In Front Of The Camera

Senior 003

Graduation season has come to an end. Here is the last lovely young adult that I had the pleasure of taking Senior portraits for. Unfortunately, I missed her graduation due to flooding here (if you’re in this part of the country you know exactly what I’m talking about!) but I believe she has more milestone… Continue reading Senior 003

5 Things To Know About Dating Profile Pictures

Dating Profiles: It seems that these days many people meet through virtual dating services. Whether you’re using them for potential romantic relationships, hook ups, or finding long distance friends (yes, I know people who use dating sites for that instead of dating), you need to understand the elements of a profile (picture, bio, etc) if… Continue reading 5 Things To Know About Dating Profile Pictures