Anniversary Photos – year 5

If you follow my blog then you’ll know that I have now been married 5 years and had intended to celebrate the milestone with a trip. Unfortunately, the covid-19 pandemic put a halt on our travel plans. We did, however, get pictures taken. (See, I practice what I preach) Being a bit of a sentimentalist,… Continue reading Anniversary Photos – year 5

A Note To Private Sellers

There are so many creative, ingenuitive, entrepreneurs out there and the internet has made it easier than ever to find a market and sell unique and useful merchandise — it’s great — but the internet also puts some separation between the seller and the customer as well. As good of quality work as many of… Continue reading A Note To Private Sellers

A 5 Year Reflection

Today marks 5 years since my hubby and I said “I do.” I wanted to write something to commemorate this milestone and reflect upon it but I don’t know what to say. Right now, we were supposed to be celebrating on a vacation (thanks COVID :P), checking out MeowWolf and trying new foods like rattlesnake… Continue reading A 5 Year Reflection

Hand-Washing: An Important Practice or Germaphobic Nonsense?

Most people have an opinion on whether or not we should wash our hands. Some wash regularly, others not at all. In 2009 the CDC found that 64% of women do wash their hands after using a public restroom whereas 69% of men don’t. The same year the American Journal of Infectious Diseases found that before eating… Continue reading Hand-Washing: An Important Practice or Germaphobic Nonsense?

Choosing A Photographer (the basics)

With such a saturated market these days, it’s hard to know who to hire to take your pictures. Do you go with the cheapest? Do you go with the person you know? Do you go with the first suggestion you get from a friend without looking at any other options? Those can be compelling factors… Continue reading Choosing A Photographer (the basics)

How To Relax In Front Of The Camera

Often times photographers blog about various techniques and technical aspects of the trade. While I enjoy sharing info and learning from other’s insight, not everyone reading photography blogs is interested in that. Some people are more interested in materials written for the person who’s found themselves in front of the camera. If the latter is… Continue reading How To Relax In Front Of The Camera