Wrapping Up & Starting Fresh

The other day I got the first of a series of 1099 tax forms in the mail and it served as a reminder that it is now the change of the year and time to get all my ducks in a row. If you work as a freelancer, independent contractor or are otherwise self employed,… Continue reading Wrapping Up & Starting Fresh

Go to/Basics for a Glamorous Photo Shoot

When you think of Hollywood photo shoots you probably think of elegant dresses, red carpets, and glamorous makeup! I’m not going to get that in-depth (A it would take too long; and B I’m not a profesional stylist) but here are my go to products for a flawless photo face! Foundation Primer: this is so… Continue reading Go to/Basics for a Glamorous Photo Shoot

Entrepreneurship: Keep It Legal

If there’s one thing they made clear at film school it was to always get written permission and cover your bases. Every video project we turned in was to be accompanied by the appropriate forms which they provided us with. This applies to photography and audio recordings, etc as well. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and the forms… Continue reading Entrepreneurship: Keep It Legal