Flickr vs 500xp

Word of mouth is one of the best ways (or most reliable at least) of getting your work out there. But nobody is gonna talk about it unless they are exposed to it. For independent film makers it usually starts with YouTube then film festivals… For photographers it free online galleries then maybe local festivals… Continue reading Flickr vs 500xp

Spectators Can Participate.

The other night I went to a pre-screening of the movie Te Ata. While waiting for it to start, I got to thinking: why am I here when I could be home exercising, cleaning, or typing up more release forms, etc? If it’s just for entertainment I could turn on the TV at home while… Continue reading Spectators Can Participate.

Entrepreneurship: Keep It Legal

If there’s one thing they made clear at film school it was to always get written permission and cover your bases. Every video project we turned in was to be accompanied by the appropriate forms which they provided us with. This applies to photography and audio recordings, etc as well. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and the forms… Continue reading Entrepreneurship: Keep It Legal