Review: Genius Scan

Last week was a little different for me. I spent most of it working in an office (not my ideal job but it was to help a friend and I really enjoy working with her). It was largely what you might imagine: copying and scanning files, cataloging things and uploading files to the shared work database.

On my last day there, she happened to mention that when they’re on the go they use mobile apps to scan and send files back to the office. While I thought that was interesting, it soon slipped my mind until the very next day when I opened up my email to find a 25 PAGE document that I needed to fill out, scan and send back ASAP. Now, if your home scanner is anything like mine it’s pretty basic. It will slowly scan each individual page into it’s own separate file and then you have to take additional steps to put everything together. I really didn’t want to do that! So, I called my friend up and asked: “what was that app you were talking about again??” It was GeniusScan.

I am very pleased with it! I’ve used it twice already in the four short days that I’ve had it. You just take a quick picture on your phone and it cleans it up, removes any graininess/texture, and saves it as a PDF for you. You can save things individually or as multi-page files in just minutes! Best of all, you can use it for FREE. Now how’s that for a time saver? From now on, I’m probably going to send all my client’s contract copies to them this way.

What apps do you use to save time at work?


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