Best Commercial Shoot

Do commercials seem odd to you? Like everyone is beaming at everything and you’re over here like “No way Susan! Nobody smiles that much when they working out!” lol. That’s how I feel watching them sometimes… But I was all smiles working on a commercial about two weeks ago. It’s only the second commercial I’ve ever worked on so I went ahead an took a PA position on it. #NoRegrets


I got to work with a couple of old friends as well as make several new ones while doing something we all love. One of the new people was Cindy E. She was the Director/DP and was quite a lady!

Cindy is the first woman I have ever seen DP in a professional capacity (and only the second I’ve seen in the camera department) and held more respect by the men under her than any other woman I’ve worked with. It was really inspirational. She is also an incredibly kind woman. Nearly as soon as I stepped on set (before knowing who anybody was) she introduced herself to me and was kind to everyone she spoke with. She wasn’t loud, but definitely had a strength about her and spoke with authority and experience. It would be very interesting to learn about her past and how she got to where she is today.


As we were wrapping up on the last day, she came up to me and held her arms out to offer a hug. After which she said “Thanks for working with us, Brooke. You’re a power woman. I hope you go far.” That’s something I’m not likely to forget. I hope you all have the opportunity to work under such an inspirational leader/role model (if only briefly) at some point in your life!


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