Wedding Sentiment

What a wonderful start for a happy new couple. R and K are two of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure to know. If you’ve been following my facebook page, some of these pictures will look familiar but perhaps the story will be something new.

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R and K are both young college students and budding medical professionals with gentle speech and passion for helping people. You probably couldn’t find a closer match. In fact, when I met with them again for dinner the other night they informed me that their job interviews (at separate locations) had even happened to be on the same time and date. Funny how things work out sometimes, right?


Anyway, their wedding was small and intimate. A perfect match for their start. It was held at K’s grandparents’ house. She wore the same wedding dress that her mother and grandmother had worn before her and got ready at the chest that her other grandmother had been given for her wedding.


It wasn’t without sentimental value for R either. The wedding bands were his family heirloom and quite stunning!


The ceremony was quite brief but, as you can see, it was far from short of substance! Perhaps they can pass these things to their children/grandchildren one day…. Until then best of wishes to this young love!


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