Support System

If you’ve got a goal that takes persistent, long term commitment to reach its important to have a good support system. Whether it’s a workout budy, a study group, or family to cheer you on, etc. having strong support makes a world of difference!

All the way up through college I was fortunate to have an encouraging family to push me through. Never saying I “couldn’t do it” or would end up a “starving artist.”

Today, my biggest support is my husband. If you’ve been following my blog you probably realize that I often work overnight. Sometimes I get home as early as 12 or 1am but other times its not until after sunrise  (on average its around 6am). What you probably aren’t aware of is how often my hubby waits up for me to get home. It’s always a welcome suprise! Sometimes he does other things instead: like lay out a towel and PJs in the bathroom for me or wake me up (late) to tell me he has food ready.

When things get tough or discouraging, he’s there to comfort me. One of the biggest things is that he was willing (instant actually) to stay at a job he hated so that I would have the flexibility to continue freelancing rather than take up a “regular job” to better our finances. 

Things like this make all the difference! If you’ve got support in your life — whether big or small — remember to thank them often. Be careful not to take them for granted and return the love!


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