Tips for Posing in Pictures 002

About two weeks ago I wrote about some simple tips for how to pose in pictures. In the main text, I mentioned learning from others and saving charts on Pinterest. This week I’d like to share some of those resources with you.

  1. Compare and contrast – and have a lot of Pro users that you can check out. Also magazines. See what is common in the pictures of various people (but bear in mind the purpose of the picture. are they trying to draw your attention to a particular outfit? a delicious food? or perhaps beauty products? try to focus mainly on ones that coincide with your purpose)
  2. Charts – Pinterest has tons of these charts from various users. If you want to practice and memorize your poses here’s a board with several options in it.
  3. Video advice – has a lot of recources. One of my favorite channels is Howcast. They have multiple playlists for just about everything….
  4. Other entertainment – America’s Next Top Model. Get the DVD or watch on TVo or something where you can fast-forward. You don’t need to bother with the reality sections of the show (it’s all staged anyway) unless you just really enjoy it. The valuable part is at the end of the challenges where the judges show you the pictures and tell the contestants what they did well and what isn’t working.

And one more source for those of you who don’t think skill matters so long as you’ve got a good camera…

Thoughts? Leave a comment!


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