Work Travel

“On the road again. I just can’t wait to get on the road again…” The familiar lyrics replay themselves through my head as I write this from the back seat of a company van. Just a few days ago it was “walking in Memphis” so you can probably guess where they took us to work. Travel is one of my favorite perks of the film life.

Since I can’t disclose the events on set, I’ll talk a little about our explorations on the day off…

It started as a lazy morning, sleeping in late at the hotel and ramped up from there. I met K at breakfast and we took an Uber downtown from there. Top of the list was the Civil Rights Museum where Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated.

It was a detailed exhibit so you should set aside a good 2 hours if you visit. Across the street is a secondary museum (one ticket gets you into both) talking about the snipper and investigation into MLK’s death.

After these two places we decided to roam around and check out the local food and street art.

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It was the perfect day for such activities! With the sun kissing our cheeks and the wind playing with our hair, we walked a little farther out and meet with S down by the Mississippi River…

…where we caught the most beautiful sunset!

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The night ended with total comradery. We met up with the rest of the production crew (about 30 of us altogether) on the infamous Beale Street to play pool and check out the various musicians up and down the street. My favorite was the Memphis Jaz Orchestra.

There are so many more things I could go on and on about — like the weird pushbutton-start car with a dial instead of a gear shift column, or the surprise of running into M (a producer I worked under a year ago before he moved back to LA), etc — but like the trip its high time this post ends.

Have a wonderful summer y’all! Share pics from your most recent trip (whether for business or pleasure) in the comments. Id love to see where others have been 🙂


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