Sharing Insight

Today, rather than my typical writings I’d  like to share an article from a more experienced woman in the film industry, and a very dear friend of mine, Liz Drew.  (warning: article may contain language that is offensive to some)

She speaks of how it feels as a woman in a man’s world. “In theaters, I wait to see the grip and electric (g&e) department roll by in the credits – any sister out there doing the same thing? Has she traveled further, seen greater heights? Can I point to her and say, she can do it, so can I? Where the hell is she?! Am I barking up the wrong tree all this time? Can I even lift that? And am I any goddamn use at all to you boys if I can’t lift that?” Not only this but there are other discouragements to face on set.

And yet, you can feel the love she feels for the job in the way that she describes it. “I’m a set electrician – we roll out a fake sun or moon any given day and roll it up all at the end of the shift.” “It’s taken me over. And it’s all about the light. I wanna be the one to walk in the sun!”

To read the whole article (and please do) follow this link:


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