Pajama Day

In the middle of a busy busy week, sometimes you just need to chillax for a day. Stay in, watch a movie and relax in your most comfortable PJs!
I’ve been working on a short film for the past six days and have the day off before returning to the grind and finishing the week with my regular gig (a reality show I work on once a week). 

The short made by a small crew put together by some folks from LA: Director/Producer Rachael Meyers and Director of Photography Will Carnahan.

As fun as it’s been (I really have enjoyed it immensely!), I’m glad for this chance to recharge. We’ve been shooting a lot outside and the temperature keeps getting hotter and hotter. By Saturday its supposed to be in the lower hundreds. Of course, if you’ve ever lived in Oklahoma, you know that its not really the heat that gets you, it’s the humidity. When that’s up in the 80-90% range its brutal!
So today, I’m being lazy and have declared it a pajama day! Think I’ll prop my feet up, turn on Netflix and watch some of the childhood favorites (Ferngully, Land Before Time, or Free Willy, etc).
How do you like to spend your time off after an extra busy week?


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