A new pair of clodd hoppers

Everyone who works on their feet knows how important it is to have the right shoes. Something comfortable, possibly with added incerts, and matching any specific job requirements (such as black, close toed, or dressy etc). Everyone who works on their feet also know that those shoes tend to wear out faster than they’d like…

For my job, its best to wear work boots. Tough and durable with anckle support. They’ve got to protect your feet from various terrain and heavy equipment if anything gets dropped or knocked over. I loved my boots. It was hard to find the “perfect pair.” Perhaps that’s why I was putting off finding new ones when these began to show signs of aging. But put if off I did and this is what happened:

Thirty minutes into the work night this weekend they busted out. Goodbye faithful boots. You served me well!

Buuuuut you know what that means right?… SHOPPING!!!

So yeah, I got to spend a good bit of today shopping with my sister! And this is what we found:

They are even named for new lol

Happy shoes, happy feet, happy dance.

Now to break them in before the next 12 hour shoot. 

Wanna talk about shoes? What’s your criteria for work shoes? Where do you think is the best place to find them?


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