Go to/Basics for a Glamorous Photo Shoot

When you think of Hollywood photo shoots you probably think of elegant dresses, red carpets, and glamorous makeup!

I’m not going to get that in-depth (A it would take too long; and B I’m not a profesional stylist) but here are my go to products for a flawless photo face!

  1. Foundation Primer: this is so so so important! I cannot stress it enough! It will help your makeup stay on longer and prevent it from settling into your pores. Remember: the camera sees everything! Especially in those close ups…
  2. Liquid foundation: this is my personal preference because it often goes on lighter and smother and has a more “natural” look to it. Also it adds moisture to the skin so you look younger/healthier 
  3. Neutral Colors: choose a very light shade of blush and neutral eye and lip colors (it is ok to play one up but not both). This will help you avoid clashing with your background or various outfit changes..
  4. Translucent setting powder: here’s where we branch into the powders.. A very light dusting of this should be used to help set your makeup but not look cakey. An added bonus is that it helps absorb reflecting light so you don’t look too shiny or sweaty. 

(picture snagged from goggle)

As always, if you found these helpful or would like to learn more just post in the comments below! 🙂


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