Growing Up!

Those of you who are old enough will remember turning 18. You were probably excited about officially becoming an adult and being able to vote (though you might have been disappointed there wasn’t a fun lever to pull in the ballot box) and so forth. Some of you may be old enough to have a younger relative — such as a child — turning 18. For me, that relative is my brother.

This “guy,” since I can no longer call him a “kid,” finally experienced his first day in adulthood a couple of weeks ago. As luck would have it, I had my new camera so we were able to have some fun playing with it while documenting his coming of age at the Grandparents’ house. 


These pictures are unedited. They appeared fine on the camera LCD screen but look a little blue on computer so that is something I’ll need to be aware of in the future when white balancing. 

He picked up a love for farming from our Father and Grandfather, and loves tinkering on vehicles as well, so pictures by the old tractor we use to play on as kids was perfect! 


Unfortunately I was standing down hill from him and subsequently had to hold the camera as high above my head as possible on many of the shots. You can imagine this isn’t very conducive to framing but I think they turned out alright nonetheless. Besides… 

…one of his friends says he looks “like superman from the series smallville.” 

Love that kid! 

What did you enjoy about growing up?


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