Technical Difficulties

In a world full of technological advances — where we’re surrounded by computers day and night — its amazing how many people there are who aren’t really tech savvy! Myself included… 

Sure I can create a word document or surf the web with ease. <Scoffs> I can even hop on most video editing software and navigate with pretty little difficulty (though im not terribly up on special effects/grafics). That takes some specific “know how;” but when it comes to trouble shooting a computer, I — like much of the world — am at a total loss!

This past week or two I’ve become increasingly frustrated with this ignorance. My computer has been acting buggy, the C-drive has become completely full, and I’m about ready to ask someone to return the whole thing to its factory presettings. I never had these problems with my Mac (just saying). Not only is this computer a general headache to work with but I feel that it should be a really simple fix. It should be something I can handle with ease. But perhaps not? I dunno.

Leave a “like” or comment below if you are/have ever felt my “pain.” I wish you the best of luck! Peace out


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