How To Pick Your Pictures

So you’ve had your pictures taken. There are dozens of options for you to choose from but how do you decide which to purchase? This can be difficult (especially with group photos) but you can always ask your photographer for advice. Here are some tips I like to use to make the decision process easier:


What are you using the pictures for? What will the viewers be looking for? For example: if the pictures are personal for enjoyment of family and friends, choose pictures where you smile or are being playful. Anything that shows your personality. You really can’t go wrong here.

If you are doing some sort of news paper announcement (graduation, wedding, obituary etc) you want to make sure to choose vertical pictures that show you from the shoulders up. These might be a little more serious. 


Over time you will probably appreciate having a variety of shots. Wide (full body) vs close ups and different poses etc. Things often come up that you decide to send pictures with that you hadn’t thought of initially like scrapbooks, birthday cards, or profile pictures. It’s nice to have different options for each thing. 


If you took pictures with a significant other, a fun way to choose is to each choose your favorites separately then compare. The images you both chose definitely go in the final list then you can talk about what you like about the different ones together and pair it down from there. 

If you found these helpful, comment other things you’d like to hear about below! 


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