When your work becomes tangible

We all know the feeling of pride when you work really hard on a project (whether for yourself or another) and you get to see it come to completion; and the joy of sharing in that final moment with others. Tonight I got to have one such moment!

My husband and I just got home from a private screening of Painted Woman at the theater with many of my fellow crew men/women.

It was so neat to see how all the shots I help light and lay track for turned out. In my totally biased opinion, the images were beautiful! 

It was also interesting to see how some things differed to how they looked in person. For instance, during many of the night scenes (mentioned in a previous post https://brookeslooksblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/17/making-painted-woman/)  we used fog machines to help dispurse and carry the light. Up close I could see shafts of light, and particles in the air near by but looking out it was a cloud of myst. On film it was much more subtle and seemed to help light the whole area with a soft moon-lit glow.

Again, I won’t spoil the plot for anyone, but I will say it did not feel like a traditional western at all. So if you’re not normally into that genera you might like this one anyway. It’s also got a female protagonist which isn’t that common even today. 

I’m not sure when the movie will be released to the public but I’m sure that will be yet another proud moment to share. Until then: work hard, play hard, love life!


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