Quick update

It’s been an incredibly busy week with people moving, graduating, and having surgeries etc. so I apologize for not posting Monday. Anyway, this is hardly a good make up post as I’ll keep it brief and head to bed (early day tomorrow) but I had such a wonderful evening!

My “baby brother” put my name in the hat as a possible videographer to film his class’s high school graduation and that was tonight. I didn’t get many pictures (just a couple quick snapps on my phone) since they did in fact decide to give me the job. Yay! But it’s very bittersweet and makes me kind of feel old.

It was such a personal ceremony by a private group so they allowed the parents to go up and give their child the diploma. Almost made me cry.

Anyway, that’s all for the personal — and perhaps best — side of it. I will likely post something during the video editing process. That’ll be a little different. Hope you all enjoy. Have a wonderful evening!


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