What to include in your Grip starter kit

I’m getting ready for an upcoming (two day) shoot and, while packing, I got to thinking about the tools in my belt. So if there is anyone out there who wants to grip, here is a list of the bare essentials you need starting out (im sure it will grow as you work but these are the minimum you probably want from the get go). 


  • A tool belt with pouch
  • A crescent reach
  • Standard multi-tool (this will have a small screw driver, pliers and wire cutter in the pliers included)
  • A pocket knife and/or box knife 
  • C47s (AKA clothes pins)
  • Head lamp
  • Leather work gloves 
  • Ratchet with a 3/16 bit


  • Measuring tape 
  • Small level 
  • Matte Black paper tape 
  • Black and white gaff tape 
  • (Note: don’t go buy the tape, you can usually get a used roll while on set)
  • Your own walkie surveillance

Hope you find this useful!


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