Spring Wedding 


“Goin’ to the chapeeeel. Goooonna get maaarried…” Seemed to be a favorite for this bridal party sing. After the wedding had been postponed at the last moment the week before due to “typical” spring weather (which in Oklahoma can be anything from flooding, to hail, to tornados, or all of the above) this day was especially exciting! I met with the bride and groom early to get pictures of them preparing and bounced between their locations  (you didn’t think they were in the same place did you? It would be bad luck if the groom saw the bride beforehand ;P).

Ironically, the girls took way less time to get ready than expected and the guys took longer. They had a little trouble figuring out the tuxedos, cuff-links and boutonnieres.

Mother of the Groom pinning on his boutonniere.

It was a lovely ceremony with custom written vows. Followed by a quick photo opp with the whole wedding party and the bride and groom’s families. The couple was a little nerdy so we got to be creative with the photos which was really fun.

The only problem I had was with the lighting at the location. At the front it was green from  florescents, to the sides it was orange from the tinted windows, the back was more orange from the stage lights and  blue from a stainglass window and everywhere in between was a differing mix of those. If you couldn’t tell, the primary light source was the windows so by the time the wedding started it was kind of dark inside.

Im not sure how many hours it took to color correct all those pictures but in the end it was worth it!! ^^





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