Earth Play

So many children today grow up with a television for a baby sitter. Rather than learning from the people and world around them they sit quietly with a tablet in hand. Rather than building close relationships with their older or younger siblings they get attached to a console. The younger they are the more impressionable they are. The more important it is to foster curiosity and a love for exploring and learning. Let’s teach the next generation to appreciate and enjoy the world we live in.

In honor of Earth Day my sister and I went out to take pictures of her little boy exploring the great outdoors…

…He’s only 2 so he probably won’t remember this particular event but it’s experiences (like this) that form the best memories, not playing video games. I have a feeling he’s going to have a lot of great memories as he grows up!

So, if you’ve got kids in your care, send them outside between homework and dinner. Take them to the park or something on weekends. Enjoy life and make memories with them. It’s time we all had a little bit of Earth Play.



What are some of the activities you like to do outside? Where do you like to go?


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