Senior Session 001

Spring semester. Time to get ready for graduations and commemorations.  This is what’s on many a teenager and parents’ minds. Today, I had the opportunity to participate in some of these preparations via Sr photos with the lovely miss Aubrie.


Teenage girls tend to be pretty easy to work with. Most of them love dressing up and are waaay beyond being “camera shy” from taking so many selfies so I like to do a little extra to make the experience unique. For senior photos this normally means that after the typical poses next to flowers or in their cap+gown, we take a few with them holding or doing something hobby related. This could be a sport or academic team etc. That way when they look back perhaps it will bring those high-school memories to mind and not just be a reminder of how young they look at 18.

Unfortunately Aubrie couldn’t bring her giraffe collection so we had an adventure around the Bricktown area instead.

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“It was fun” she said. “My favorite part was falling off the railing.”

I hope she enjoys the rest of her senior year as much as she enjoyed today! Please share a memory you have from your Sr year in the comments below 🙂


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