Flickr vs 500xp

Word of mouth is one of the best ways (or most reliable at least) of getting your work out there. But nobody is gonna talk about it unless they are exposed to it. For independent film makers it usually starts with YouTube then film festivals… For photographers it free online galleries then maybe local festivals and so on. 

To this end, I recently created accounts on both Flickr and 500px and thought I’d share my opinion thus far…

Apps: their apps are almost identical. Same menu across the bottom, similar aesthetics. The main difference though is that Flickr has various groups you can join, create and post to whereas 500px merely allows you to sort your pictures into preexisting categories with tags. When it comes to finding/viewing other’s work, enjoy the extra customizability of Flickr. 

Exposure: because the categories in 500px are more broad (and there are way fewer of them) I’ve gotten a LOT more likes on 500px just from uploading. On Flickr,  it seems, you have to join and share with groups to get your work out. So if you’re goal is to find what subjects/styles people like to see from you or just to get more views then 500px may be the better option. Oddly though, I’ve gotten more follows on Flickr. NOTE: neither apps show traffic, so I’m basing this on likes and follows.
Other: the notifications on my 500px app don’t seem to update until I click them (so I don’t get notifications) and even then it may show that I haven’t seen something that I have look at already. On the plus 500px has periodic contests with neat prizes. 
Anywho, that’s about all I have to say at this time. If you’ve got anything to add please comment below. What do you think of Flickr and/or 500px? Tips for better use? Etc


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