Race into spring!

“Come on guys, let’s go!” I exclaimed. Spring break was upon us and I was determined to enjoy it. Wouldn’t you be? Town was bustling and sightseeing was totally on the agenda. So, the husband and I (along with some friends) took a trip down to Dallas. We went to the Holocaust Museum, a MTG card tournament, the mall and the Dallas Botanical Gardens.

The guys weren’t too keen on having their pictures taken — even to preserve the memories — so I was resigned to snapping inanimate objects to commemorate the trip with. Luckily, being spring, the flowers were in full bloom. The gardens were beautiful!


Taking pictures wasn’t difficult here. Everything was laid out beautifully, you just had to pick what aesthetic you were drawn to as you meander along: textures, colors, flowers, trees, water, stone, etc.


If you couldn’t tell, the garden was my favorite stop this spring break. It was just so full of life and yet so tranquil at the same time. All in all, I’d say it was a trip well spent!

What are some of your favorite travel destinations?


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